Fellwechsel (Change of Coat)

A transformation of space into image

The deerskins contain images of the historic auditorium of the Academy of Fine Arts and the tapestries inside. The deer skins, printed with a special screen-printing process, reverse the relationship of space – image, creating an interaction of visual perception of space and photographic representation of space.

3 approaches:
ideational approach: associations to the function of tapestries in rooms
focusing approach: details of the auditorium are worked out
integrative approach: same framing / presentation as for the tapestries – transports the conceptual resp. artistic idea of the tapestries

Background: In 1912, the building was extended by an assembly hall on its north side facing the academy garden. It serves the presentation of ten valuable and large tapestries, which had been donated to the academy by King Max Joseph I in 1815 and whose formats it is tailored to. The tapestries were executed in the 1730s in the manufactory of the French King Louis XV after Raphael’s frescoes in the Stanza della Segnatura of the Vatican. Among them are the “Parnaß” as well as the “School of Athens”.